A Magic Wand for Business Analysts

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Business Analysis Schema 1.0 states that a business analyst need to master three areas to excel in the profession such as domain, core competencies and peripheral competencies. Please click here to download a free copy of Business Analysis Schema 1.0. The business analysis schema stresses upon that a business analyst must develop a mastery over the domain in which he or she is working with core and peripheral competencies. The core competencies are further divided into 30 business analysis activities and 210 business analysis techniques. There are 75 peripheral competencies that a business analyst need to develop to better perform the business analysis activities.

A Magic Wand for Business Analysts

Business analysis is like a two-sided coin. On one side, we need the domain skills and on the other side, we need to possess the core and peripheral competencies. A business analyst without mastery on the domain skills will make him less effective and poor skills on the core and peripheral competencies will render him less efficient. If you would like to master the Business Analysis Schema, I would strongly recommend our book ‘Freshers’ Handbook to Business Analysis’.

Though Information Technology is credited with the popularization of business analysis, today several domains such as automotive, construction, healthcare, hospitality, entertainment and other numerous domains effectively adopted the business analysis practices within their organization. The major reason for this fast adoption is due to the efficacy of business analysis in solving business problems and enabling organizational development. Some one who masters the Business Analysis Schema certainly knows the extent and depth of business analysis and can effectively practice in any domain. BAS is the magic wand in the hands of business analysts to help their organization to take it to the next level.
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