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How people start a business? If you listen to most of the successful businessmen, you will find that they came across a situation where they could not find an effective solution to a need or a problem and they decided to take it on their shoulders and the result is that what they are today. Did they do a business plan? Of course they did. Business plan need not have to be in a finely bounded document or in the form of a stunning presentation. Rose is a rose by any other name. People prepare business plan on a single piece of paper or even on the reverse of an envelope. But the benefits of preparing a business plan in a structured manner far outweighs the cost and effort.

Business Plan Template

So what should be the format of a business plan? Many a time the first time entrepreneurs are stuck with the business plan template. I would like to warn you that it is a very dangerous generalization that you unnecessarily forcing on your business idea. In a business plan please understand that one size doesn’t fit all, not at all. Each business plan is like a piece of art, meticulously built from scratch. So never get stuck with a template, but rather build it from scratch either on your own or take the help of business consultants. In summary, the only template for a business plan is not having any template. Last but not the least, if there is a good template for a business plan, then why so many businesses are failing irrespective of following the business plan templates that are sold at $15 or so.

The purpose of a business plan is to help the entrepreneurs and other stakeholders to visualize the business much before building the business itself. Business plan enables the business owner to have a 360-degree view of the business so that he is well prepared and makes an informed decision to invest on the business. The entrepreneur may not be investing 100% on the business rather he seeks investment from angel investors or friends and family or financial institutions.

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 Business plan.

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