Circle of Influence

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If you are in the B2B marketing, you might have already heard of this concept. Anyway let us discuss this a bit for the benefit of even those who hear it for the first time.

Take a scenario of a Five Star Hotel operating in a busy city like Chennai. This hotel serves guests in a circle formed by a radius of 15 Kilometers. This circle is called Circle of Influence. For each type of business this circle could vary based on multiple factors such as degree of competition, uniqueness of service, quality of service etc.

 Circle of Influence

Each business should know about its circle of influence, which will help them to define their geography and to locate their prospects. This concept works well in B2B and for lead generation. Fhyzics helped numerous clients to define their Circle of Influence and to find out their prospects, which is known as Lead Pot.

Lead Pot can be defined as the collection of all the prospects of a business that falls within the Circle of Influence. Typically, one record in a lead pot contains details such as

1. Name of the decision maker

2. Email id

3. Phone number

4. About the organization

5. Preferences etc.


Once a company creates the lead pot then it has to establish a streamlined marketing to introduce the products or services to these prospects. If you are interested in the Lead Generation Services of Fhyzics, please click here or email us at


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