Increase Customer Acquisition and Retention Through CRM

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Recently I met the senior executives of a company in Chennai whose turnover is more than 1000 crores INR. The agenda for the meeting is whether CRM would be helpful to them. I was surprised to face the questions; they should have asked this question several years back. But I felt it is better late than never. This is not a scenario with this company alone. There are numerous companies they ignore the implementation of Customer Relationship Management software in their organization for various reasons.
1. They think CRM is a costly software
2. Their staff are not fully qualified to handle such tools
3. CRM software may disrupt their business model

Increase Customer Acquisition and Retention Through CRM

I would summarily reject all the above three as myths and it emanates from their poor understanding of the CRM software. These reasons may hold true may be 10 years back, but it is no longer applicable post 2015. Today we have wonderful CRM software offered through cloud. One can start using this software just like plug-and-play. They are no longer costly.

The value of having a CRM software in your organization is immeasurable. Let us review some of the benefits of implementing CRM
1. It streamlines the customer handling process
2. The data related to the customer and their requirements are properly documented
3. Customer handling becomes process-centric rather than person-centric
4. Data loss and data theft are effectively countered
5. Provides better tracking of customer interaction such as calls, meetings etc.
6. Helps in effective capture of leads and better conversion etc.

HubSpot is a leading CRM software with loads of features that exceeds the expectation of any small and mid-sized businesses. Fhyzics represents HubSpot in India as a partner. Fhyzics helps companies in streamlining their customer handling using HubSpot and completes the implementation as low as 15 business days. For more details related to our HubSpot implementations, please click here or email us at

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