SOP Development: 5D Methodology

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Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are the low-cost tools for process improvement and standardisation in organisations. The following paragraphs will describe the 5D Methodology of developing SOPs.

1. Define   : In the first stage of this methodology, enterprise analysis will be carried out to establish the purpose of the SOPs and the goals and objectives that should be met by those SOPs.

2. Discover: Identify the primary, secondary and management processes and prepare the current state process maps and RACI charts. During this stage, the business analysts extensively interact with the stakeholders to capture the micro details of the processes.

3. Develop : Then develop the SOPs and validate the document with the key stakeholders.

4. Deploy  : Once the SOPs are validated, establish the Train-The-Trainers (TTT) team and train them in all the SOPs. Subsequently, TTTs will train the larger team on a periodic basis.

5. Deepen  : Quarterly audits will be conducted to ensure that the SOP practices are in tact and any deviations will be addressed.

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