Business Analysis

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Who Should Attend?
This Business Analysis course is suitable for CEOs and senior managers.
  • New initiatives- People who want initiatives that show commitment to value realization.
  • New software assessment
  • Initiative for process improvement

The session targets the framework in “How to deliver products and services to the customer, keeping in mind to value them”.

The session acts as a base course for addressing the following:

Identify customer: Solid understanding of your business is more important to identify the customer. Raise the question: Who actually benefits the most from your product or service?

Reach out the customer: Capture the customer’s attention. Social media marketing and search engine optimization can help you to reach out the customer.

Product innovativeness: Why should people buy from you instead of your competitors? What sets you apart? What is unique from others? Innovativeness can make you reach better.

Marketing strategies: As markets change regularly, reviewing your marketing strategy on a weekly basis should not be avoided. Due to increase in the competition, few market segments may become less profitable. Working closely with the customers can help in improving the products. Define you marketing strategy, pick the best marketing method.(i.e., Internet marketing, digital marketing, direct marketing, or public relations)

Program Content :
  • History of Business Analysis (BA) 
  • What is Business Analysis ? 
  • Why Business Analysis ? 
  • Difference between Business Analysis & Project Management (PM) 
  • Contribution of Business Analysis to organization 
  • Career Opportunities for Business Analysis 
  • About International Institute of Business Analysis 
  • Business Analysis Approach 
  • Process Mapping
  • 30 BA Techniques
Program Date : 


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