Business Analysis Schema v1.0

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Business Analysis Schema (BAS) v1.0 is the product of Fhyzics Institute of Business Analysis and Research [FIBAAR] - a unit of Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited.

BAS v1.0 establishes the world’s first comprehensive business analysis framework composed of nine elements such as domain, processes, techniques, competencies, business analysis activities, approaches, standards, tools and deliverables.

BAS v1.0 is a valuable tool for both business analysis practitioners and aspirants. Those who would like to master the framework can undergo the programs (classroom or online) conducted by Fhyzics across India and can attain the FPBA and APBA credentials.

To know more about Foundation Program in Business Analysis (FPBA) and, Advanced Program in Business Analysis (APBA) certifications from FIBAAR, please visit our website at

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