Centre of Excellence Professional [COEP] - Self Study

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The COEP Certification is provided by Fhyzics Institute of Business Analysis and Research [FIBAAR] – the pioneer in business analysis and committed to the excellence in business analysis education and research. FIBAAR - A unit of Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited.

In the complex business system, the Centre of Excellence Professional adds a value to the organization by focussing on the size, diversity of the organization. An organization with center of excellence professional shows the maturity of the organization eventually it will reduce the risk of projects. Centre of Excellence Professional

  • The program aims at good exposure to center of excellence professional by highlighting best practices and methodologies.
  • It explores enterprise architecture, project management, data integration, post-project review and tool standards.
Learning objectives
  • It focusses on standard approaches for the planning, monitoring, and execution.
  • The framework from FIBAAR is a time-tested methodology which can be readily applied to projects in the area of process improvement, product development, software development and organization development.
Who should attend?
  • Graduates having an experience of around four years in business analysis can appear in this program.
  • It is for the professionals those who need to get in the Centre of excellence in their organization with prior working experience.
Learning format
  • Self-Study [You can buy the preparation material (Freshers’ Handbook for Business Analysis) and prepare on your own towards the FPBA Certification

Successful preparation and completion of the assessment will lead to Centre of Excellence Professional [COEP] certification, that enhance your business analysis professional career.

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