Crafting Strategic Business Plan - [Pune]

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Strategic Business Plan is a written constitution of an that brings a common shared understanding among all the stakeholders and enables them to march towards the vision. It is a dynamic document from which all the actions of an draw its authority. This one-day executive development program will prepare the participants to understand the elements and activities of and to implement or improve strategic planning within their

Program Curriculum:
Nature of Strategic Business Plan
Types of Business Plans
Strategic View of an
Vision, Mission and Values
Product Strategy
People, Process and System - Capabilities
Primary, Secondary and Management Processes
Processes, Policies and SOPs
Business and Functional Strategies
Nature of Forecasting
Sales and Operations Planning
Master Production Scheduling
Capacity Planning
Demand Planning
Suppliers, Vendors and SRM
Customers and CRM
Customer Acquisition Framework
Demographic and Psychographic Attributes
Partnership for Success
Business Model Canvas
Financial Statements: Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash-Flow Statement
Risk and Disaster Management
Framework for Implementation

Techniques for Strategic Planning:
5 Why's, Stakeholder Wheel, Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria, Ansoff's Matrix, ARCI Matrix, Balanced Scorecard, BCG Matrix, Benchmarking and Market Analysis, Blue Ocean Strategy, Bowman's Strategy Clock, Brainstorming, Business Case, Business Model Canvas, Business Process Mapping, Cause and Effect Diagram, Crosby's 14 Steps for Improvement, Customer Experience Mapping, Decision Analysis, Document Analysis, Feasibility Analysis, Focus Groups, Force-Field Analysis, Four-View Model, Functional Decomposition, House of Quality, Interviews, Kaizen, KPIs