Customer Relationship Management

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CRM – Customer Relationship Management is a strategy that is used for managing the company’s relationship with the customers and maintaining service-related interactions. CRM is an enterprise-ready package that offers the best solution to simplify the tasks and automates many marketing and sales processes.

Organizations’ usage of CRM are:
  • Track the lead.
  • Person responsible for the lead and the one handling the lead.
  • Status of the lead.
  • Marketing campaign’s effectiveness can be found.
  • From which source the lead has come and which is yielding maximum results and benefits.

Who Should Attend?

This CRM course is suitable for Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, Business Owners and Professionals in all industries.

Why do you need CRM?
  • Customer focus will be the primary concern of any business revenue generation.
  • Relationship building can be done with CRM and an organization can manage its interactions with present and future customers.

Objective of the Workshop:

This session is to help participants to emerge with a Sales and Marketing Strategy with a key focus on customer acquisition and customer retention.

Program Content :
  • Functions of Sales and Marketing
  • Role of traditional and digital marketing
  • Importance of CRM
  • Defining Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Measuring your organizations’ digital presence
  • Role of Social Media
  • Voice of Customer
  • Content Marketing 
  • Inbound Sales

By the end of the session, you will be able to

  • Develop effective campaigns for capturing a better market share
  • Adopt appropriate strategies to meet customer and business objectives and Optimise opportunities in business.
  • Develop product objectives and approaches for increased customer value.

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