EDP on Ethical Procurement and Supply

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Explain how to use techniques to obtain supplies to the purchaser’s requirements; Identify the contribution that value for money has to make to organisational success; Explain how to use techniques that are available to achieve quality supplies; Identify techniques to secure required quantities within required timescales; Identify value for money criteria; Describe how procurement needs are established; Identify criteria that should be applied in creating specifications; Describe approaches to the sourcing of supplies; Describe approaches to the formation of agreements with external organisations; Explain the importance of the CIPS Code of Conduct in procurement and supply; Describe the use of codes of ethics in procurement and supply; Explain the conflicts of interest that can exist in the work of procurement and supply and how to deal with them; Recognise the importance of delivering customer service and how to improve; Explain ways to measure cycle times for the sourcing process; Explain methods to assess the performance of and control budgets. Please click here for the detailed syllabus.