EDP on Global Strategic Supply Chain Management

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Assess the relationship between functional, business and corporate levels of strategy; Evaluate the contribution of strategic supply chain management; Evaluate the impact of market change on strategic supply chain management; Contrast approaches to develop and implement strategic relationship management; Compare approaches to segmentation; Assess approaches to developing networked supply chains; Assess the role of distribution systems; Evaluate ways to achieve lean and agile supply chains; Evaluate approaches to developing and implementing supply chain collaboration; Evaluate approaches to change management when working with stakeholders; Analyse approaches to measuring supply chain performance; Analyse how the development of knowledge and skills can help achieve effective strategic supply chain management; Evaluate the impact of the supply chain on corporate performance; Assess methods to measure supply chain performance; Assess methods to improve and optimise supply chain performance; Assess tools and techniques that are available to help the organisation to achieve strategic fit; Assess the challenges to achieving and maintaining strategic fit. Please click here for the detailed syllabus.