EDP on Managing Supply Chain Risk

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Define the different types of risk that can impact on supply chains; Assess operational risks in supply chains; Compare methods for eliminating bribery, corruption and fraud in supply chains; Contrast risks in supply chains that can impact on organisational corporate social responsibility and sustainability standards; Examine the use of contractual remedies for managing risks in supply chains; Analyse the use of outsourced third parties in risk management in supply chains; Assess the use of insurances for protection against risks in supply chains; Examine the use of contingency plans to overcome risks in supply chains; Identify the use of probability and impact assessments to manage risks in supply chains; Analyse a risk assessment and a risk register to mitigate risks in a supply chain; Explain the development of a risk management culture and strategy to improve supply chains; Compare strategic approaches to mitigate risks in supply chains. Please click here for the detailed syllabus.