EDP on Stakeholder Relationships

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Define external stakeholders in procurement and supply; Identify internal stakeholders that can be involved in purchases from suppliers and supplies delivered to customers; Describe how internal and external stakeholders influence procurement and supply activity; Identify the key economic sectors that impact on a procurement and supply function; Indicate the impact of demand and supply on markets; Describe how market factors impact on the procurement and supply activities of an organisation; Identify the contribution that marketing makes to develop customer and supplier relationships; Describe and explain approaches to build rapport with internal and external stakeholders; Explain methods of negotiating with suppliers and customers; Recognise all elements of the communication cycle; Describe the key characteristics of successful and effective team working; Identify the types of information that can be exchanged between purchasers and suppliers; Indicate how conflict can arise in the work of procurement and supply; Identify approaches to conflict resolution with stakeholders in procurement and supply. Please click here for the detailed syllabus.