EDP on Strategic Ethical Leadership

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Critically evaluate the differences between leadership and management; Critically analyse approaches to leadership for improving procurement and supply chain management; Evaluate influencing styles that can be used in the effective leadership of a supply chain; Compare leadership techniques that can be used to influence personnel involved in a supply chain; Evaluate how to create a communication plan to influence personnel in the supply chain; Contrast the sources of power and how they can be used to overcome common challenges faced by procurement and supply chain leaders; Analyse how equality and diversity issues relating to the supply chain can be used to improve strategic effectiveness; Evaluate methods of change management that can be used to develop the supply chain; Assess methods for resolving conflict with internal and external stakeholders to support change in the supply chain; Examine ethical practices and standards that apply to global supply chains; Assess regulations that impact on the ethical employment of people Regulations. Please click here for the detailed syllabus.