Foundation Program in BA [FPBA] - Self Study

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The FPBA Certification is provided by Fhyzics Institute of Business Analysis and Research [FIBAAR] – the pioneer in business analysis and committed to the excellence in business analysis education and research. FIBAAR - A unit of Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited.

Business analysis is a straightforward process for analyzing business requirements. Business analysts must analyze business problems in order to be able to find the correct solutions by breaking the problem down and establishing the logical connections. Business analysts help organizations develop business cases, new products, systems, project scopes, and improve business processes or facilitate change throughout operations. The variety of solutions provided by the business analyst is like an architect, that is, establishing what the client wants and specifying the requirements for the build.

  • The foundation program in business analysis course helps the beginners to understand the business analysis activities. 
  • In addition, it reflects the fundamental knowledge required of a successful business analysis professional.
  • This program adds value to the beginners to reach the business analysis standards through education, research, and sharing of effective tools and techniques.
Learning objectives
  •  It covers from start to finish that is from problem identification to the launch of the product. 
  • The framework from FIBAAR is a time-tested methodology which can be readily applied to projects in the area of process improvement, product development, software development and organization development.
Who should attend?
  • Graduates or those who are in the final year of their graduation program, 
  • Graduates aspiring to become a business analyst, Entrepreneurs, Business Analysts, Consultants etc.
  • Since Business Analysis tools can be applied throughout operations, anyone who would like to enter in any part of the business (i.e. Projects, Quality, Customer Service, Sales, IT, Finance, etc.) may benefit from acquiring Business Analysis skills
Learning format
  • Self-Study [You can buy the preparation material (Freshers’ Handbook for Business Analysis) and prepare on your own towards the FPBA Certification]

Successful preparation and completion of the assessment will lead to Foundation Program in Business Analysis (FPBA) certification, the first step in your journey in business analysis career.

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