Framework and Tools for SOP Development

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Standard Operating Procedures or SOPs as they are referred to and known are used as an important tool by organizations to both communicate and standardize expectations and processes amongst the employees. By having these SOPs in place within an organization quality and consistency can be ensured when services are being delivered in addition to improving the productivity, safety, customer service and regulatory compliance of an organization. SOP development framework involves the following key stages

1) Create a stakeholder group 
2) Identify the primary, secondary and management processes of the organization 
3) Map the current state of those processes
4) Develop the future state of the processes
5) Document the future state
6) Train the relevant stakeholders.

This on-demand module will aid the end audience to gain knowledge on the theory behind the development of SOPs and practical tips for implementing Standard Operating Procedures within an organization. The topics that shall be covered during this 2-hour training shall include ways and means to identify the various types of stakeholders, identify the different types of processes, along with understanding and applying the below-mentioned techniques such as inefficiently developing the SOPs

  • Process Mapping
  • Benchmarking and market research
  • Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Document Analysis
  • Workshop
  • Inspection
  • System Archaeology
  • Organisational Model
  • Use case and Scenarios

The training equips the participants to lead their team in developing SOPs by applying process techniques, creating organisational culture, designing team structure, deploying training methodology and instil auditing procedures.

Having completed this module participants will be able to:

  • Understand what a Standard Operating Procedure is
  • Understand the value of SOPs, assessments and training matrices
  • Understand how to develop SOPs
  • Align an organisation with the market trends and benchmark practices
  • Streamlines people, processes and systems to bring out better benefits
2-hours through the online mode

Target Audience
This e-learning module is aimed at anyone within an organisation wishing to standardise practice and improve productivity. Although this module uses examples and scenarios from various domains, it is equally useful to anyone wanting to adopt this framework within a specific domain.

Entry Requirements
There are no specific entry requirements for this online training program.

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