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The NPDP [New Product Development Professional] is provided by the eminent product development organization – PDMA, USA. which is the only organization that focuses on the unique set of integrated activities involved in the full lifecycle of product development and management, including innovation. Fhyzics, a registered education provider of product development and management association, PDMA, USA.

Great products come from great designers using great development processes. Product development explores the evolution of products from the beginning idea through mass-production. Every new product starts with inspiration, which is usually spawned by a suggestion from clientele, or the product development team. Once an idea is on the table, the due diligence starts. 

The NPDP training from Fhyzics is based on PDMA framework, which covers entire product development body of knowledge. This prepares an individual towards the NPDP certification of PDMA, USA. NPDP certification will assist you in making important connections in your career. Use the credibility of certification to connect with business opportunities and new jobs. 

Why NPDP certification?
  • NPDP certified product managers stand out from the crowd. They have certified experience and knowledge in seven critical areas required for product success. 
  • Products, especially new products, are the life-blood of an organization. The organization needs staff who know the why, what, and how of product development.
Benefits – For individual
  • Confirms mastery of NPD principles and best practices
  • Enables better job performance
  • Enhances career/promotion opportunities
  • Recognizes growth, professional development, and competence in NPD
  • Increases recognition by peers, employers, and recruiters
  • Sets you apart as an expert and leader in your field
  • Is unique: the only certification program for the NPD Professional
Benefits – For organization
  • Identifies those who have sufficient product development knowledge and experience to move into a leadership position.
  • Differentiates between hiring candidates. Beyond considering an individual's experience, you can assess their product development knowledge as well as their interest in professional growth and development.
Who should attend?
  • Product Managers, Product Teams, Research Scholars, Professors, C-Level Executives, Entrepreneurs
  • Hold a bachelor’s or higher university degree (or an equivalent degree) from an accredited institution
  • Accrued at least two years of professional-level experience working in new product development

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