Process Mapping Principles

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There is a common thread across all process improvement methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma, Benchmarking and TQM, that is process mapping. In all the process improvement methodologies, the process expert need to define the current state as well as the future state for the given process that need to be improved. Process improvement is to identify the list of activities, the sequence of their execution and achieving the objective with the minimal resources. Process mapping is an indispensable tool in the hands of process experts for process improvement. During this one-day program, the participants will understand the process mapping principles and the method of process mapping. Also they will learn Microsoft Visio, a leading process mapping tool from Microsoft.

Who Should Attend?
Quality Managers, Quality Engineers, Business Process Owners, Process Improvement Managers, System implementers, Management representatives, System coordinators, Change managers, Improvement teams.

Program Date, Venue, and Structure:
Date: 08-June-2018
Venue: Hablis Hotel, 19 GST Road, Guindy, Chennai 600 032, India

09:00 AM to 09:30 AM      Registration
09:30 AM to 10:00 AM      Speaker-1
10:00 AM to 12:15 PM      Speaker-2
12:15 PM to 03:15 PM      Speaker-3
03:15 PM to 05:30 PM      Speaker-4
05:30 PM to 06:00 PM      Networking

11:00 AM to 11:15 AM      Morning Break
01:00 PM to 02:00 PM      Lunch Break
04:00 PM to 04:15 PM      Evening Break

Program Content:

  • An introduction to systems thinking
  • The evolution of process management
  • Process management cycle: seven stages
  • Traditional management
  • Systems thinking
  • Class exercise: select a process to analyze
  • The system model
  • Creating a system map
  • Case study assignment
  • The tools: how to construct and analysis process flow charts
  • Overview of process mapping
  • Symbols and fundamentals
  • Process and workflow diagrams
  • Top-down flow chart
  • Block diagram
  • Activity chart
  • Work flow diagram
  • Cross-functional flow chart
  • Value stream map
  • When to use each chart
  • Group exercise: bubble process
  • Observation and documentation
  • Analyzing process flowcharts
  • Process measurement points
  • Class exercise: putting it all together
  • Charting tips
  • Implementation guide: getting the most bang for your buck
  • Change management
  • Implementation strategy

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