Acquiring & Retaining Clients

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This program is designed for the professional service providers such as Doctors, Lawyers, Auditors, Consultants, Financial Advisers etc. The professional service space has seen a tremendous change in how they acquire and retain clients in the recent years. This change emanates from factors such as increased competition, appreciable knowledge of the customers and high expectation from customers. In the past, there were professional services and the clients were tied-up with some sort of loyalty, which is gradually getting eroded, hence retaining a client becomes tougher and tougher. This program introduces the participants to the plethora of techniques on acquiring and retaining clients in this information age.

Who Should Attend?
This is for all CEO's/ Managers/VP's/Consultants who want to explore the Consulting life

Program Content:
  • Trends in consulting practices
  • Typical range of management consultants’ work
  • The Practitioner Vs Manager dilemma
  • Internal consulting
  • Underlying Competencies required for a management consultant
  • Roles played by consultants
  • Concept of Customer engagement cycle
  • The best practices of Customer Relationship Management
  • Maintaining and accessing the balance of responsibility between consultant and client
  • The Contracting Process- Benefits and Pitfalls
  • The art of organizing and managing client engagement
  • Project management- Unravelled!
  • Understanding and dealing with change/resistance in an organization
  • Metrics and KPIs as a diagnostic and monitoring tool
  • Managing the feedback meeting
  • Identifying requirements, Analysing the requirements, Validating the solutions, Recommending solutions and proposing implementation

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