Brochure Design

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Even the traditional methods of brochure design changed, the idea of the brochure is evolving. The brochure is to present the image of the organization and to connect with the customers.

The brochure design is based on the objective and function of the brochure, in general the objectives are marketing to achieve sales goals, to generate leads, info about the product and service, and to deliver the required message. The brochure function is informative, advertising, and identification.

Brochure design is classified based on design or format or layout, types of content like pictorial, descriptive, and graphics, and distribution methodologies.

The distribution methodologies are based on the hard copy and soft copy of that brochure, the hard copy is performed by mailers and the soft copy is e-brochure for e-mail or to place on the website.

Further the brochure is classified as, by the usage of the brochure that is leave behinds, handouts, respond to inquiries, point of sale, direct mail and a catalog like a sales support tool.

The brochure design service offered by the Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited provides it in the size of A5 and A4 with fold features like bi and tri fold options, on the specific requirements of the clients the dimension and design of the brochure can be altered.

The process starts with analyzing the requirements of the client’s objective and functions of the brochure, the implementation report is prepared by our consultants then the brochure templates is prepared. The steps in brochure design are creating a plan, format, content, and the alignment. The process is performed by the graphic professionals and consultants who are expertise in brochure design.

Benefits of brochure:
  • Precise content in precise areas
  • Cost effective
  • Advertising benefits
  • Leads generation
  • Branding and
  • Easy distribution

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