Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering - Foundation Level [CPRE-FL]-Classroom

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Fhyzics, a global leader in Requirements Engineering (RE), offers the most comprehensive and highly practical training in Requirements Engineering.

The CPRE-FL training aims at providing the foundation and core knowledge to beginners in the area of requirements engineering. Beginners from business analysis, software and systems development, requirements engineering should try for this certification. The core focus of this certification is eliciting the requirements and appropriate requirements documentation, verifying, validating and managing requirements throughout the end-to-end product life cycle.

  • Introduction and Foundations to Requirements Engineering
  • System and Context boundaries 
  • Eliciting Requirements
  • Documenting Requirements
  • Documenting Requirements in Natural Language
  • Model-Based Requirements Documentation
  • Requirements Validation and Negotiation
  • Requirements Management
  • Tool Support

Time: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM


Two-day intensive classroom training program in the cities [Chennai, Bangalore and Pune] between 09:00 AM and 05:00 PM.

  • Sessions through Classroom mode
  • Session presentations as PDF
  • Participation Certificate on Mastering Requirements Engineering

CPRE-FL Certified Faculty

Profile of Vikram Sivaraman

With 10+ yrs. of work experience whose working knowledge in Telecom, Supply Chain, New Product development, Education, Entertainment, Healthcare, Retail, Finance, Hospitality and Telecom domains. Certified in CPRE-FL and Business Analysis. Read more