Creating New Business Models

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Program Content:
Business Model
Business Model Canvas

Nine-elements of a Business Model Canvas: Customer Segments (CS), Value Propositions (VP), Channels (CH), Customer Relationships (CR), Revenue Streams (RS), Key Resources (KR), Key Activities (KA), Key Partnerships (KP), Cost Structure (CS)

55 Popular Business Models
1. Add-on Additional Charge for Extras
2. Affiliation
3. Aikido
4. Auction
5. Barter Tit for Tat
6. Cash Machine
7. Cross-Selling
8. Crowdfunding
9. Crowdsourcing
10. Customer Loyalty
11. Digitisation
12. Direct Selling
13. E-Commerce
14. Experience Selling
15. Flat Rate
16. Fractional Ownership
17. Franchising
18. Freemium
19. From Push to Pull
20. Guaranteed Availability
21. Hidden Revenue
22. Ingredient Branding
23. Integrator
24. Layer Player
25. Leverage Customer Data
26. Licensing
27. Lock-In
28. Long Tail
29. Make more of it
30. Mass Customisation
31. No Frills
32. Open Business
33. Open Source
34. Orchestrator
35. Pay Per Use
36. Pay What You Want
37. Peer to Peer
38. Performance-Based Contracting
39. Razor and Blade
40. Rent Instead of Buy
41. Revenue Sharing
42. Reverse Engineering
43. Reverse Innovation
44. Robin Hood
45. Self-Service
46. Shop in Shop
47. Solution Provider
48. Subscription
49. Supermarket
50. Target the Poor
51. Trash to cash
52. Two-sided Market
53. Ultimate Luxury
54. User Design
55. White Label

By the end of the session, the participants will have the knowledge on
  • Case Study-Hands-On Activity to create a Business Model Canvas with template
  • Business Model Canvas-Techniques
  • Importance of business model
  • Essential Components of a Business Model

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