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Man-made things are continuously evolving, with the evolution of electronic gadgets the traditional printed text is transformed to the electronic version that is an e-book.

The e-book is the publication made available in digital form and it contains text, image, and other info graphs. It helps in your business effectively and efficiently because nowadays the readers prefer the e-books because it is featured with reader-friendly options like the change in font and size, and graphics and design elements in it.

The importance of the e-book is growing on both aspects from the business point of view and for the reader's point of view. For the business, it’s a communicative tool to highlight the business process, products, and service. Further, it’s a marketing tool to increase the lead generation.

The e-books are deliverable to the reader's e-mail that’s making it as a marketing tool provided with information pertaining to the business promotion.

The e-book 15 pages service is provided by the Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited, the process involves analyzing the requirements and contents specification for the e-book.

Our consultants will gather the information regarding the requirements of the content specification, topics and style, design process and standard layout. And then the content draft is prepared by the professional content writers by performing research and analysis with proven methodologies. And then final e-book version is prepared.

  • Marketing and communication tool
  • Mobility and Ease of use
  • Hyper-linked
  • Addition of multimedia
  • Updateable
  • Used to get back the targeted leads

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