Elements of Good Website

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Owning a business is not an easy task. A good website acts as a front face of an organization. Having a simple professional design with a fresh content will do.

Key elements covered:

Contrasting Colour Scheme: There should be a contrast between the background color and the text, this would make the content easily readable. Choosing the right contrast color is one of the ways to make your content legible.

Use fonts that are easily readable: Readers would prefer the fonts that are easily readable.

Content: Content plays a vital role in grabbing the attention of the readers. Update the content on regular basis.

Usage of footer: Footer can be simple yet useful, it is used to connect you with your audience.

Simple contact form: Including the contact form in the footer is a wise idea which helps to generate lead without navigating to the contact page. It may be an added convenience to few readers.

Call to Action: Group of words that urge the website visitors to take an instant action is “call to action.” Keep testing - what works best for your website to generate leads.

Mobile site: Most of the people look the website from their mobile phone, ensure that the site is viewable on a mobile internet enabled devices.

Objective of the Workshop:
  • Contact form
  • Ads
  • Contact form
  • Online chat features
  • Customer Review (or) feedback
  • Blog
  • Video
  • Image gallery
  • Google sitemap generator
  • Enable compression to speed up the website
  • Avoid using tiny and fancy fonts
  • Horizontal Scrolling can be avoided

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