Email Marketing-100,000 Contacts

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The essential marketing tool in the business of sending a message that promotes your business. The traditional marketing is transformed electronically as the Email marketing, the process of sending an email to the group of people or current customer or potential customer. The objective of sending email is an invite, welcome note, to send thanks, subscription mail, seasonal greetings and to send a coupon code for next purchase.

The email contents are texts, images, videos, and audios. The difficulty is that identifying the potential customer base or contacts database. With the growing internet, the authentic data of contacts in email marketing are a mystery.

As a business consultancy firm, Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited expertise in the field of business consultancy offers the Email marketing-100, 000 Contacts as an authentic potential data.

The contacts base is different for the buyers because the business needs are changing in the dynamic environment. The service is offered, based on the client requirements. The client requirements like for a new product, specific domain knowledge one, and most importantly for marketing.

  • Authentic contacts.
  • Potential and existing contacts
  • Result driven
  • Cost effective compared to other marketing tools
  • Targeted one

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