Freshers' Handbook To Business Analysis

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The Freshers’ Handbook to Business Analysis is a gateway to the world of business analysis, as the book covers essential aspects of business analysis in detail covering right from the basics to advanced level. The lucid manner is readable for the educated one as well as for those in graduation, business and for an entrepreneur.

The forecasted writing about the business analysis aims to help the Fresher as well as for those on a path of the journey in business. It starts by explaining the fundamentals, terminologies aimed for Freshers. Business Analysis activity, domain spotlight and case studies, these chapters aimed at a Businessman and for an entrepreneur to get the practical knowledge. Further, the chapters about regulatory bodies and associations in India provide a valuable data for a fresher to analyze it and to give an insight for business people. General studies, Business laws in India and in global level are updated one and helpful for all business people as it covers most of the domains without neglecting any potential domain.

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