Fundamentals of Packaging Technology

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Packaging is a service function that cannot exist by itself; it needs a product. Packaging serves technical and marketing functions such as contain, protect, preserve, measure, dispense, transport, communicate, display, inform, promote, sell and motivate. This program delves into packaging functions, recent trends in packaging and technology.

Who Should Attend?
Manager, packaging professional, purchasing professional,technical, non-technical and management personnel.

Program Content:

  • A definition of packaging
  • The historical evolution of packaging and packaging materials
  • The industrial revolution and packaging
  • Growth of modern packaging roles
  • The modern packaging industry
  • Management of the packaging function
  • Project Scope and objectives
  • The package development process
  • The package design brief
  • Specifications
  • Understanding G factors
  • Damage boundary curves
  • Cushioning against shock
  • Selecting cushioning materials
  • Using dynamic cushioning tables
  • Spring-mass relationships and isolating inputs
  • Defining packaging's role in the solid waste issue
  • Proportion of packaging in the waste stream
  • The four "R's" hierarchy: reduce, reuse, recycle and recover
  • Environmental concerns and the consumer
  • The packaging professional's role in the environmental issue

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