Business Analysis Interview Questions [Healthcare]

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No one knows business analysis like Fhyzics do, an accomplishment demonstrated over years of business analysis practice, teaching and research carried out by Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited. Fhyzics business analysis initiatives are supported by FIBBAR, A Business Analysis wing, committed to the excellence in business analysis in corporate and academia. FIBAAR’s Business Analysis Schema is a holistic approach to business analysis and the only framework in the world that has due focus to domains, core competencies and peripheral competencies. For more details about FIBAAR, please visit

Business analysis skill set is analogous to that of a well balanced tripod. The three legs represent domain, core competencies and peripheral competencies as laid out in the Business Analysis Schema. In an interview setup, a business analyst who demonstrates exemplary skills in all the three areas are a great asset to companies and it is not an exaggeration that companies are longing to have such business analysts.

Business Analysis Interview Questions [Healthcare] are compiled by the consultants and business analysts of FIBAAR and fully customized to the needs of the individual as certain practices and regulatory framework are specific to a given region or country. Since it is a customized eBook as soon as your order is placed, we will need certain information from you to serve you better. On providing the requested information, you will be delivered the Interview Questions within one business day or roughly 24 hours.

Skills expected for a business analyst in healthcare domain:
  • The primary responsibility of a Business Analyst is to identify the problem which needs to be fixed
  • Provide value-added consulting expertise on large and sophisticated projects including health and welfare plan re-design, retiree medical valuations, employee contributions strategies, plan renewals and vendor analysis and management
  • Contribute to projects including health management/wellness, disability/absence management, pharmacy and claims audits
  • Should contribute to the development of new tools and approaches
  • Prior experience in managing multiple projects simultaneously and producing quality deliverables on time and within budget
  • Submit reports to the client and carry out oral meetings with the client, should be able to advise people correctly on different important issues. Interpersonal skill will be an added advantage
  • Business Analyst has to commercialize the products for the clients which might include items of health care, improving the business and also caring for the patients
  • Formulate the strategies in the biotechnical, pharmaceutical and medical related fields
  • A Business Analyst in the healthcare domain should have the excellent communication skills both verbal and written to do the job
  • The healthcare consultant should develop the products according to the specified needs

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