Business Analysis Interview Questions [HR]

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No one knows business analysis like Fhyzics do, an accomplishment demonstrated over years of business analysis practice, teaching and research carried out by Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited. Fhyzics business analysis initiatives are supported by FIBBAR, A Business Analysis wing, committed to the excellence in business analysis in corporate and academia. FIBAAR’s Business Analysis Schema is a holistic approach to business analysis and the only framework in the world that has due focus to domains, core competencies and peripheral competencies. For more details about FIBAAR, please visit

Business analysis skill set is analogous to that of a well balanced tripod. The three legs represent domain, core competencies and peripheral competencies as laid out in the Business Analysis Schema. In an interview setup, a business analyst who demonstrates exemplary skills in all the three areas are a great asset to companies and it is not an exaggeration that companies are longing to have such business analysts.

Business Analysis Interview Questions [HR] are compiled by the consultants and business analysts of FIBAAR and fully customized to the needs of the individual as certain practices and regulatory framework are specific to a given region or country. Since it is a customized eBook as soon as your order is placed, we will need certain information from you to serve you better. On providing the requested information, you will be delivered the Interview Questions within one business day or roughly 24 hours.

Skills expected for a business analyst in HR domain:
  • Research new technology/era and develop business cases to abutment enterprise-wide business intelligence solutions
  • Minimum two years of Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse experience which includes Foundation in SDLC
  • Developments and trends in business intelligence practices and related technologies, operating systems and application improvement
  • Business intelligence services for analytics, commercial advertisement, reporting and data transformation
  • Creation/validation/execution of all test scenarios in order to make an individual evaluation of production readiness. Make sure that all systems are absolutely activated and tollgate requirements are met, prior to approving release to production
  • Ought to have experience in the use of techniques like Brainstorming sessions, Process modeling, Interface Analysis Questionnaires for a requirement and functionality understanding
  • Develops techniques and methods for compiling and analyzing abstracts for reports, reviews, and special projects
  • Provide consultation, support, and guidance to senior management and organizational partners in the understanding of human resource management policies, programs, procedures and application of related government legal guidelines and rules
  • Lead tasks on a larger scale with confined supervision such as Workday enhancement rollouts for LES, performance management and recruiting

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