Logo Design-3 Types 3 Iterations

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A Logo is a graphic mark or a symbol used to promote public recognition. A logo can be used by corporations, products, brands, service, agencies for unique identification their organization. Logo classified into three types which are Ideographs, pictographs, representational graph.

Broad steps required in the logo design process include research about the organization, get to know the client, idealization, clarification of a chosen design, testing across products, and final adoption. Principles of great logo design are simplicity, memorability, timelessness, versatility, appropriateness.

A logo must be functionally extended to all communications of an organization. It is a tool to build the identity of the organization, as part of its trademark. Logos are made up of text and images that help us identify brands. The Key elements of a logo are typography, Imagery, Color, Context.

The Logo design service is offered by the Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited, our consultants will provide three logo design with three iterations.

Benefits of Logo design:
  • Logo is a core identifier of an organization, brands
  • Illustrate your brand values
  • Explicable
  • Convertible across all Media
  • To stand out in your field

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