Process Mapping-Size A3

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A process map is a planning tool that visually describes the flow of work from business starting to end. It is also called business flow diagram or process flow diagram.

Process mapping shows who and what is involved in a process and how can be used in any business or organization and how to improve the process.

Our Process mapping service used in any area of business, business process improvement, business process redesign, quality improvement, Information technology, process analysis, mergers and selling business operations.

Process mapping includes various types they are, Activity Process Map, Detailed Process Map, Document Map, High-Level Process Map, Rendered Process Map, Value Stream Map, Work Flow Diagram.

Broad steps required in the process mapping include; Identify the needs of the customer for which process to be visualized, decide what are the details are include and our team involves the brainstorm activities, analyse when does the process to be start or end, determine the what are the steps includes the process, draw the basic flowchart using ovals, rectangles, arrows, diamonds, parallelogram symbols, and finalize the process flowchart.

Process Mapping-Size A3 is a service globally offered by the Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited, the process is based on the requirements of the client after analyzing it the audit reports for the requirements and implementation report for the same is prepared.

  • Improve efficiency
  • Gain better understanding of a process
  • Provide process documents
  • Achieve management objectives

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