Product Profile-3 Pages

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A Product is any goods and service that can be offered to a market to satisfy a need. Product can be identified that brand and model in the market. Product profile is a document that can be used to analyse the market strategy of the particular product.

A product including packaging, colour, price, quality, brand and reputation of the seller. Marketer mainly considers three level of product such as core product, actual product, augmented product.

Product can be classified in two types,
Tangible: In this product is a physical object i.e. Building, Vehicle
Intangible: In this product is perceived indirectly i.e. a service like Insurance policy

Product profile consist of product introduction, date released, product revision, product combinations.

The product profile – 3 pages service offered by Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited, the process starts with analyzing requirements for the product profile from the clients and our consultants will gather information for the requirements and the draft for that is prepared.

  • Customer can analyse the product and service of organisation
  • It supports the business development
  • Marketing and communicating tool

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