Product Manual-15 Pages

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The product manual is the integrated part of the goods and service offered by a business firm, it is aimed to communicate the technical aspects of the goods and services to give any assistance about that in a document either in printed or e-version.

The product manual includes specification, user instructions about the product in a detailed manner. It is the responsibility of the seller to produce a product manual for the goods and service they provide. In addition, the product manual is a good reference for the business development.

The product manual components are texts, images, typography, graphics, data, theme color, and layout. The product manual should be designed in such a way that the objective of it should reach the customers using it.

The product manual – 15 pages service offered by Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited, the process starts with analyzing requirements for the product manual from the clients and our consultants will gather information for the requirements and the draft for that is prepared.

The product manual includes warranty, user guide, and safety information. The service is offered with proven methodologies by documenting the subject matters and integrating the gathered information from the technical writers of that domain. 

  • Marketing and communication tool
  • It serves as sales literature for the products and service
  • It supports the business reputation
  • It puts a legal limitation to misuse the product or service.

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