Supply Chain Design

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The scope of the term Supply Chain here includes, sourcing, processing, finished goods, warehousing, distribution, retail and reverse logistics. With the advent of eCommerce, supply chains have received a new fillip for providing better and timely customer service. This program will introduce a methodical framework to analyse their supply chains to find opportunities for improvement and to optimise to deliver better customer service.

Who Should Attend?
Senior and mid-level managers and consultants responsible for domestic and international supply chain and logistics systems,Operations, purchasing, inventory control and transportation managers who want to ensure high customer service levels, low system-wide costs and smooth production with as little inventory as possible
Managers who want to gain a deeper understanding of the role supply chains play in a company’s overall business strategy.

Program Content:
  • How to design supply chain networks and flow
  • How to translate supply chain actions into financial terms
  • How to source and procure products and services
  • How to plan, demand and run operations planning
  • How to design a supply chain organization
  • How to assess supply chain performance metrics

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